Tuesday, September 28, 2010


  • Monday we had our walk-through on our house! Everything looked perfect except some paint needed to be touched up here and there..No biggie! We had an issue with a pipe hanging outside of the house that looked super tacky, but they promised to fix it before we move in!
  • I started working again today! I know what you are thinking...how can I be away from that cute little face?! Well....It is only ONE day a week! Haha! I know I don't know how I am going to be able to do it! My friend Rachel's dad needed some help around the office so I am going to go in one day a week and work a little from home here and there. I am super excited about it! Everyone needs extra cash these days!
  • SOOOO....the most exciting part of this week is that we close tomorrow! At 2:00 we will own our 3rd house! Luckily we sold the first one and we rent out the 2nd one! I can't wait to own a house in Cantonment! I'm so excited to make it our "home" where our friends and family can come hang out!

LIFE IS GOOD! (I might not be saying that this weekend while I am unpacking, but it will be worth it)

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