Saturday, September 11, 2010



We got up this morning and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

Josiah was so good at breakfast and enjoyed eating pancakes, sausage and hash browns! The boy loves to eat!!! After we got done eating we were going to take Josiah downtown to play in the water fountains, but when we got there they weren't turned on. We decided to get out anyway and let Josiah run around. He had a blast running after the "bir" (birds)! He was so cute! We will definitely be making a trip back down there soon! It must have worn him out because he has been out for awhile now!

I think after Josiah wakes up from his nap we are going to feed him so lunch and then go over to our house to see if they have put the carpet in yet! Time is just flying by! Before I know it we will be unpacking! I told Josh yesterday I get really excited when I think about moving in, but then I remember I am the one that will be unpacking all of our stuff! Oh well, it will be worth it! :)
Josh and I are going out tonight for his birthday dinner. He will not make up his mind where we are going so I guess we will see!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We are!

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