Friday, November 4, 2011


I don't know about y'all but I am over Halloween candy!!!  Ugh.. I have eaten so much my "fat" jeans aren't fitting.  Don't act like you don't have "fat" jeans.  We all do!  The only thing "fat" jeans are so loose anymore!!!  So what did I do?  I decided to take most of our candy..except for Josiah's favorites to Josh's work!! :)  They thought I was doing them a favor when really I was doing myself a favor!! HAHA! 

Josiah is still not sleeping well.  Remember when I posted this?  I haven't figured out why he isn't sleeping good.  I think it's is just because he doesn't like to be by himself all of a sudden.  We have tried everything!  It is getting very old, but I keep trying to tell myself that it is just a phase!!!  We will eventually figure something out!..hey may or may not be napping next to me as I type this...

When did life get so busy?  We have something planned for every weekend for the rest of the year.  Some days we have multiple things to do such as baby showers/birthday parties/wedding showers, etc.  I am loving it though!

I started trying to potty train again.  Yes again.  The first time didn't last very long.  He was over it.  I was over it.  This time hopefully it will work but I don't far not so good.  We will see.

Josiah is still going to "school" once a week.  He always says "Mommy, I no like school".  This breaks my heart.  I don't want to send him somewhere that he doesn't like to go but he really does like it once he is there and after he cries for 20 minutes.  Sigh.

Enough rambling!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

One.More.Thing.....We had our second homestudy on Monday it went pretty good!  We meet again on Tuesday and then I have to finish our profile book and then hopefully we will start waiting for baby #2!  WooooHOOO!!!!

Ok ok..I forgot something.. I actually posted this already but coming back because I have something somewhat funny for my records.  Josiah threw up for the first time the other day.  If you know me...I canNOT do throw up.  I haven't thrown up in like 6 years and before that it was like 10 years.  Anyway...I ran out of Josiah's oatmeal so I decided to fix him some of Josh's sugar free kind.  Well, I asked him to take a bite because he wasn't eating any of it.  Well I will NEVER make him eat something again.  He took a bite and threw up.  Gross I know..but I have to tell y'all this...I let it sit there for a minute while I gathered my thoughts.  I went and grabbed my yellow kitchen gloves, some high scented chapstick to put under my nose and i put my shirt over my nose.  I know..a little dramatic but I did not gag or get sick!!  Hopefully we don't have to go through that anytime soon!

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