Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rated R (lingerie shower)

Lindsay's soon-to-be sister-in-law's threw her a lingerie shower last weekend!  It was a lot of fun!  I found this cute little idea on Pinterest...but I changed it up quite a bit and added by own little sayings that I felt fit the bride-to-be!

Panties in here wedding colors - "To last all the way to old age - starting with your wedding day.  Here are panties for every season - a sexy underwear display."

Dental Floss - "We have a pair for your wedding night (its dental floss) put this on and show Chris who is really boss."

Red - "Red ones for the honeymoon that will make Chris go BOOM - we hope you see the rest of the place and actually leave the room!"

I can't remember what panties I bought for this, but find something sexy -"For your first big fight - put this on and Chris will forgive you by the end of the NIGHT!"

I found some undies that said "kiss this" - "For the 1st Anniversary - you'll be feeling naughty.  Christ won't believe his luck for marrying such a hottie!"

Baby Pink and blue panties - "When the timing is right for you and Chris (and don't be saying maybe) You'll wear a little pink or blue in honor of your baby."

Florida Gator panties from VS - "We know you love Alabama's crimson and grey, but put these Gator colors on and MAKE Chris' day!

Leopard Print - "After 10 years of married life, you'll be going strong, but if you need a boost, just put this beauty on."

Sparkly panties - "When your years of wedded bliss become the big 2-5 just slip this sexy number on and keep the sparkle alive."

BIG GRANNY Panties - "Finally when you are old and grey, with these you don't go wrong.  Sorry Chris, but at that age, she just won't wear a thong!!"

Aren't these cookies cute that Heather and Katie made?!

This was the only picture I got of Lindsay (except for when she was opening gifts).  We were playing a game where we had to ring the banana!  Heather and Katie did such a good job on all the decorations and the food was amazing!!!!! 


Cassie said...

What a cute idea! Gotta love pinterest inspired projects and gifts :)

Nicole said...

Thank you! I do love it! Not sure how I would be crafty without it! ;)