Monday, November 21, 2011

Rach's Shower Part 1

Saturday was the  day ever!  I was helping throw a shower for one of my best friends, Rachel, Josiah had Ella's birthday party, we had a couples shower for Laura and Stan, and Josh had a man shower to go to for Chris!  It was busy but very fun!!!  Here are a few pictures from Rach's shower!!  It turned out perfect! 

The mom-to-be with her niece!

Rachel and her mom with Berkley

Four generations - Rach, Meemaw, Ms. Cathy, and Berkley

Ashley, me, Rach, Amber, and Jaime

We played a game where we showed them a little picture of a baby and they had to draw the picture on the top of their heads and whoever was closest to the actual picture won a prize.

 I will post pictures about the decorations/details later!!

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