Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mr. Talkative

I have been slacking and have not uploaded the other pictures from Rach's shower..but I will soon!  It turned out perfect and I want you to see everything! 

  • Josiah is so funny lately.  He will just out of no where say "I like ______".   He usually says "frogs", "mommy", "daddy", "bugs", "fire trucks", etc. 

  • He has been talking more and more and I love having conversations with him. 

                           Me:  "Josiah, are you going to go see Santa and sit on his lap?
                           Josiah:  "Yep"
                           Me:  "What are you going to tell him that you want?"
                           Josiah:  " truck, tree house, trash truck, bike, and dump truck."

I can't wait to take him and see if he actually sits on Santa's lap and tells him what he wants. 

  • If you know Josiah you know that he used to be very shy.  He was that kid that never wanted to be held by some random person.  Well, times are changing.  I picked him up from school the other day and they said, "man he can talk!"  I think we are in trouble!  When we got home I was talking to Josiah and this is what our conversation was like...
                          Me:  "Did you have a good day?"
                          Josiah:  "yes"
                          Me:  "Were you good?"
                          Josiah:  "no, teacher said inside voice."
                          Me:  "Were you loud?"
                          Josiah"  "yes!!"

I am so glad he is out of his shy stage!!!!  I may regret saying that in a few months!!!  Haha!  I hope everyone has a great THANKSGIVING!!! 

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