Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lindsay's Shower

Most of you know my BF, Lindsay, is getting married in January!!!!  Well wedding festivities have started and I can't be more excited!  I love seeing her happy and it gives us all excuses to see each other many times over the next few months!  Saturday the 29th our friend Amber through a very cute shower for Lindsay and it was so much fun!!

Here is Lindsay and Jenny

Lindsay and Me
Amber had all of us fill out Mad Libs and we had to read them out loud.  It was hilarious!  I am thinking about doing some of these at Lindsay's bachelorette party!  We had so much fun!!!
Sweet Carter man came to the shower!  He is such a good baby! 
We have a group of girls that have been friends for about 15+ years.  We started a tradition after my wedding that we all wear the same garter on the day we get married.  After each person gets married they sew on a piece of ribbon that is their wedding color.  It started with my wedding (black), Rach (red), Jaime(brown), Lauren(yellow) and Amber(teal)... now its Lindsay's (pink) turn!  Here is Lindsay opening the garter and reading the little note! :)  I love that we have such a close group!!!! 
Here is the cute invitation
Mrs. Cathy (Lindsay's mom), Lindsay, and Lindsay's Aunt!!!

How cute is this "S"

               Rach and Amber are 3 weeks apart!!!  Rach is having a girl and Amber is having a boy!!!
Here are some of the girls at the shower...  Jaime, Me, Rach, Jenny, Lindsay, Carter, Wendi, Lauren and Amber

The shower was adorable!!!  I can't wait for the rest of the festivities and I definitely can't wait until Lindsay says "I DO"!  Next on the list is the lingerie shower Saturday!  I have the cutest gift...come back next week and I will share it with you! ;)  I need to start working on it!

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