Monday, November 7, 2011

Cell Phone Pics

Today was a great day with my little man!!!  We stayed home all day with the exception of walking over to the park!  He has had this train for awhile and just started playing with it again!
The weather was absolutely gorgeous today!  We played in the backyard this morning with my other children (the dogs)

Josiah LOVES bugs.  Frogs.  Cats.  Any animals really.  I am not a fan of bugs.  They don't freak me out.  I just think they are dirty.  But guess what?  Josiah likes to pick them up...dead or alive.  He even asked me at one point if he could eat it.. GROSS!  Boys will be boys!

This isn't a cell phone picture.  But, if you like Taco Bell's sauce you HAVE to try this!  They have it at Walmart and it tastes the same as it does at Taco Bell.  I don't think I will ever go back to Taco Bell since I can buy it at the store!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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