Monday, July 30, 2012

Truck and Alligators

Friday night we went over to Rach's house and hung out with some friends.  It was such a good time!  I love when Josiah can play with other kids. I wish I would have taken some pictures but Amber did get one of Cooper and Josiah I just wish Presley, Mady and Adalyn would have been in it too.  They all played so good together!!!! 

Josh found a truck online that he wanted to look at so we loaded up and headed over to Alabama.  (FYI- car shopping with two kids is not fun!! haha!)  He saw it and fell in love with it but they wouldn't give him the deal he wanted.  We went to get lunch and they called with the deal that he wanted.  We headed over to the splash park for Josiah but they had turned the water off so I shopped a little bit.  I got two shirts and Josh got a truck.....what am I doing wrong!!  Haha!

I am so proud of him!  He deserves this truck.  He has been driving my old car from high school around for six years.  He worked so hard for this truck and I love that we were able to buy it for him!!

After signing the papers on the truck we rushed home to head to a Blue Wahoos game.  Josh's Aunt had four tickets that she wasn't using so we took Rach and Bryan!  It was our first one and we will definitely be going back.

At their Saturday games they do fireworks after the game.  This was seriously one of the best firework shows I have seen!  I can't believe they do it every Saturday.  Next time we are going to take Josiah, I think he would have fun!

Sunday we headed back over to Alabama to Alligator Alley.  Josiah likes alligators and this was perfect for him.  It was a little too hot but we enjoyed it.  There is over 21 acres of land with 400 alligators on it.  Some of them were HUGE.

Adalyn enjoyed the car ride over with Granny talking to her!  She is smiling a ton now and is so stinkin' cute!!!! 

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend!  We did!!  We have a busy week with Josh having finals!  One more semester and he will be done with his Masters!!!!!

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