Monday, July 2, 2012

iPhone Pictures

This post is going to be all over the place.  I just haven't had time to sit down and write and upload pictures.  For some reason when I upload pictures from my iPhone they don't show up in the order I want them to. are some random pictures!

This is how we sit most of the day.  Josiah just loves Adalyn so much.  He wants to kiss her and hold her hand ALWAYS!  I hope they stay sweet to each other forever!!

My favorite men!

Adalyn's first birthday party!

Josiah traced his whole name!  I am one proud momma!!  He is so smart!

This is how I take a shower in the mornings! Josiah watches a movie and Adalyn sleeps in her rocker!

Pop Pop had a birthday recently and Josiah loves to help blow out candles!

Life with two kids is amazing so far!  It has been much easier this go around.  I don't feel like I am stressing over every little noise/issue that I did with Josiah.  Don't get me wrong I still get's just not as bad.  Josiah is such a big helper and Adalyn LOVES to sleep so things have been going pretty great!  I would say overall we have adjusted very well and are enjoying being a family of four!

I will try to get pictures and an update for Adalyn's one month.  And I can't believe Josiah will be three in 13 days!!!!!!


Kelley E. said...

She is beautiful! And of course, so is your little boy too. So happy for you and your sweet family. With a 10 month old, I can't imagine keeping up with 2 right now, but it looks like you are doing a great job and loving it. God is good!

Nicole said...

Haha!!! when Josiah was 10 months old I think I found myself saying a few times that we weren't adopting anymore!!!! Haha!!! It's a lot easier than I imagined!! Your little girl is adorable!! I can't wait to get some time to read your blog!!