Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Josiah's Birthday Part 2

Josiah's birthday was on a Sunday this year!  We left Josiah's present out in the living room so when he woke up he would see it!!!  This boy is obsessed with policemen/jail.  He was in heaven once he realized this was for him!!

I made him pancakes for breakfast and lit a candle for him to blow out!  He loved it! 

This year his party was on his actual birthday!  We usually do Saturday birthdays but his birthday fell on the day that the Blue Angels were flying on the beach and a lot of our friends/family go to watch them so we thought it was better to move it to Sunday! 

The past two years we have had his party at my parents' house.  They have a pool and we attempted pool parties but every year it has rained so I decided this year I wouldn't take the chance of not being able to swim. We had it here at a "bounce house" place.  AND guess what??  It was sunny!!  Haha..it always works out that way doesn't it?  That's okay though because we had a great time!  The best part was I didn't really have to do anything!!  I brought a few decorations but not much and the party people at the bounce place did everything!!! 

I got these cute little construction hats from Amazon.com and the little aprons I bought at Home Depot.  They were so cute! 

Josiah had a great birthday party and we are so blessed!!  Thank you to everyone that made his day so special!!! 

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