Monday, July 9, 2012

Church on TV

Yesterday I turned the tv on and sat down to give Adalyn her bottle. The channel was on a church station so I listened while I fed her. The preacher said something like this...."you spend time with your children, spouse, etc. to love each other more and more and to learn more about each other. This is what each of us should be doing with God." I've known this all along but I never thought of it that way! I pray/talk to God everyday but I have been feeling the need/want to have an even closer relationship with Him.  I want to learn more about God and His word and I want to do more for others I just haven't figured out what, when or how.  I really would like to volunteer somewhere once a month or even bake for a group or something like that but I just haven't found the right thing yet.  Anyway..just rambling! 

Hope everyone has a nice Monday!!!

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