Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poopy Dog

I have a somewhat hilarious/embarrassing story...

last Monday Josiah and I met Lindsay and Wendi at chick-fil-a. We ate our food and of course went to the play area. A little girl came in with her cute little stuffed puppy dog. She ran around the playground shouting "puppy dog". Well Josiah apparently thought she was saying "poopy" dog. (I can't blame him, it sort of did sound like that!). But he proceeded to say poopy over and over like a broken record while in the tunnels at chick-fil-a. He has still been saying it almost a week later.

Today we picked up Josiah from my parents house (we ran to target) and mom said he keeps saying poopy. I said, "yeah I know and he keeps getting in trouble for it." she said, "oops we were laughing at him!". GREAT!!! Now he is going to continue to say POOPY because people laugh at him!!!

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