Sunday, February 12, 2012

Antique Shop

Friday Jaime and I decided to load up the boys and drive to the town next to us to go to an antique store! I'm not a huge fan of antiques but I am liking some things. This store has a lot more than just antiques though. It's pretty neat! I ended up getting a camera strap, a few headbands for Adalyn, and a hammer for Josiah! Then we ran over to a consignment shop where I got these cute little gray shoes (they were $2 and barely worn!). Josiah was extra good so I took him to McDonalds to play and get ice cream.


Cassie said...

Did you go to Alyssa's ?! That place is HUGE!

Nicole said...

Yes! It is huge and I could spend a whole day or even two in there!!! I will definitely be going back very soon!