Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Little Fish

Friday I called about signing Josiah up for swim lessons.  This year I decided to sign him up somewhere else than last year.  I felt that the other place just wasn't right for us.  When I called they said we could come for our first lesson on Saturday!  I'm so glad we could get in so quick!  I am ready for him to know how to swim because it makes me a nervous wreck.  My parents have a swimming pool and Josiah loves it but I would feel more comfortable if he knew how to swim this year!  I know we will have Adalyn too and Josiah will probably be going off with family members this summer to the beach and it would just put me at ease. 

He was so excited before it was time to go in the pool area!  Josh and I decided not to get in the water with him this time around because we felt he would learn so much more. 

At the lessons here they pretty much had an instructor for every little kid!  I really liked that!  Josiah didn't like the idea of us not being in there with him.  He could see us but that didn't help much.  He did really well, but he still cried a little for us.  The instructor had told us if he cried to just not pay attention to him and he would do fine, and he did.  BUT I was begging Josh to go in there with him when he was crying.  I know that it is best that he learns without us but it broke my heart! 

This is a little of subject but have you seen these Birthday Cake Oreos???  OMG...they are amazing!!!! 

I started following the Ronald McDonald House on Facebook and saw that they were in need of paper towels and toilet paper.  Josh, Josiah and I headed to Sam's after swim lessons and picked up some to drop off.  Josiah loved Ronald!!!  He did not want to leave!!! :)

Saturday night it was awful weather outside and this little guy was BORED.  He decided he would put on all his bike gear and run around!  He is a hoot!!! 

Saturday Bryan, Rachel and baby Madylin made there way home from the hospital.  We took them over some dinner and got to see Mady again!  This was the first time Josiah and Josh got to see her! 

Josiah was in love with her!!!  He wanted to keep kissing her!  He is going to be such a good big brother when Adalyn gets here!!!


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