Tuesday, February 28, 2012

J is for Josiah

Josiah and I color letters each day.  Yesterday was "J" and he drew a "J" inside the one we printed out.  He will draw letters on his own but if you ask him you better forget it.  He will not do it on demand.  I figured since "J" was our letter I would write a little bit about him today.

He also drew this "I".  Mine is on the right and his is on the left!  I was so proud of him!!!!  This was the first letter he tried to draw! 

Josiah's favorite breakfast food right now is waffles and syrup.  We have syrup with a blue lid and one with a red lid.  They are both just regular syrup, but one is from walmart and one is from winn dixie....he likes the blue one better. 

With that being said.  His favorite color is blue.  He uses a blue marker most always when he colors or draws.  He wants daddy to wear his blue shirt to work.  He wants daddy to get a blue truck.  He wants a blue lollipop.  You get the point!!! The boy loves him some blue!

His new thing as of two days ago is to ask "Why?"  I knew this day would come, but I thought he would be at least 4!  I hear "Why?" 4,347 times a day! 

Josiah is loves to dance and sing now!  He turns everything he says into a song.  Today on the way to school he was singing "Christmas time, Christmas time, Christmas time, Christmas time, over and over.  His little voice is so sweet!!!

He is totally potty trained during the day.  But nighttime and nap time are hard.  I'm not sure how to break him from peeing during these times.  I am hoping it will happen on its own.....

He is still loving noodles/rice and soy sauce.  I thought he would grow out of this by now but it is his favorite.

He tried cinnamon toast again and LOVED it!  This makes me happy because I too love it!

He loves bubble baths.

He isn't throwing as many fits as he was, thank goodness.

Josiah can count to 13! 

He is starting to play more on his own.  This makes me happy and sad at the same time!  I get a little time to clean up but he is getting so big.  I can't believe he will be 3 in 4 months!!!  Soon we will be thinking about Pre-K and T-ball.  Crazy! 

He keeps us laughing and on or toes!  Some days are a little on the rough side but when he puts that sweet smile on his face it makes up for ever temper tantrum/bad behavior! 

Hope everyone has a great  Tuesday!



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