Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We usually don't do much for Valentine's Day but this year it has been a little bit different.  Since Josiah is at MDO now I have the opportunity to make some fun things for holidays!!!  All the parents had to sign up for something for their party and I was the last one to sign up so I had to make take home goodie bags!!! 

I made these cute little flowers for all the little girls in his class!!  I got the template here at Skip to My Lou.  You should go over there and check out the website.  I don't know who they are but they have some really neat ideas! 

My mom found these cute little Chinese take out boxes at Walmart for $1 and I thought they were perfect for the kids goodie bags!

I found these cute little snack bag toppers here at Anything But Perfect.  They were so cute!  I didn't want to give the kids all junk food so I put some goldfish in there. 

Here are the stuffed goodie bags.  I put M&Ms, lollipops, Smartys, Hugs, and the Goldfish in there!  I thought they turned out so cute!

These are the lollipops that I made for the boys.  I found them here at Zakka Life. 

Here is Josiah this morning with one of his Valentine's Day presents!  I found these chocolate tools at Target.  I could not pass them up since Josiah is obsessed    loves tools.  We also got him a Valentine's Day cup, some candy and paint with paint brushes.  I may secretly hide the paint.  Just kidding...maybe.

Josh got me a massage gift certificate that I cannot wait to use and a case for my camera!!  I don't know how I got so lucky but I have the sweetest man ever!!!

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