Monday, August 22, 2011

New Favorites

We had an awesome weekend, hopefully I will get my pictures uploaded (the few that I took) and post something in the next day or so, but for are a few things that I am loving.

I have said this 100 times already, but I love Pinterest! I am finding some DIY projects and recipes that are great! I am also finding things that I know I will never be able to have, but a girl can dream right?!

Leap Frog DVD - My mom got this for Josiah a long time ago and he never was interested. Well, it is his favorite video to watch! I don't think kids should watch a lot of t.v. but this is different. He actually is learning his ABCs. He knows every sound that each of the letters say! It is crazy to me that my 2 year old knows all of his sounds! He is a smart cookie! I think I am going to buy the numbers video next!

You know I couldn't have a favorites post without something food related right?! Well, I was grocery shopping the other day and saw this....

So I thought I would try them! They are my new favorite bread! You can do all kinds of things with them! You can use them with lunch meat, chicken salad, and you can even make pizzas with them! :) Josh even liked them! I will definitely be purchasing some more when I go grocery shopping again!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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