Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beebee Daw

Micha came over to stay the night with us last Friday and brought here American Doll Sophia. Josiah loved her beebee daw (baby doll). Josh would disagree but it was so cute watching him play with her. He would kiss her, hug her, cover her up. It was just so dang cute! He loved her so much he wouldn't give Sophia back to Micha. So what did I do? I broke out a few of my old dolls for him. Some of them still had diapers on. Josiah would take the diaper off and tried to put it back on.

He has been napping with his beebee daws. I told Josh that this was just a phase and he would soon be over the babies. I just thought it was so cute how he loved on them! Maybe he will be a great big brother one day! :)

I have so much to blog about, but classes have started back again! Hopefully I will get to post a few more recipes that I have tried and that were a big hit around here!

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