Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

I know this sounds crazy but I am glad it is Monday! This weekend was so busy I needed a break from it! I had a wonderful time this weekend but it was seriously way to busy! I'm hoping for a relaxing next few weekends but we will see!

Friday Jaime and Carter came over! The boys love each other!!!!!

Rach then came over and we headed to Vallartas to meet up with Amber and Cooper! We had a great time at lunch! I wish everyone was off so we could hang out more! But I am thankful for the time we have together.

Friday night started the festivities for Josh's 10 year reunion. His best friend JD and his girlfriend Kelly came in town! We headed down to Seville to hang out for a bit. After the reunion we stayed downtown and met up with a few more friends. We are OLD so we came home pretty early! I didn't take very many pictures this weekend because I didn't want to carry my big ol' camera around.

Saturday we went out to the Holiday Inn on the beach to meet up with Jennifer and her family. I wish I could stay out there all the time. The pool is absolutely amazing and so relaxing, well it would be if you didn't have a busy two year old! We had so much fun! We had to get Josiah home for a nap and Josh and I got ready to go out to eat with some of the people from the reunion! Here is JD, Kelly, Me and Josh before dinner.

After dinner we headed out to the beach for the bushwacker festival. Again, It was so hot, but it was good seeing everyone again before they headed back all over the U.S. We wish everyone would just move back! :)

Josiah and I have just been playing around the house today! It has been nice to just relax and enjoy my sweet boy! I missed him this weekend!

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