Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little bit of this..a little bit of that

We have thought many different times that Josiah was teething. He drools a lot off and on and he is always chewing on everything! Well he is finally getting his first tooth! It starting coming through on Tuesday. He isn't as cranky as I thought he would be - thank goodness!Josiah's new favorite hang out is in the kitchen! He loves to play with the cabinet and the plastic containers.

We have been packing all night long to go to Pensacola tomorrow! I can't wait to see family and friends! I say all night, but I did take a break to go to Cold Stone to get Josh and I some ice cream (definitely not on the diet) but we thought we deserved it! It was delicious but we both regretted it afterwards..oh well!

Well, I am off to finish laundry and then going to bed. We are headed out of town around lunch!!! YAY!

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