Friday, February 26, 2010


....and I'm not talking about a ticket to see Kieth Urban....

I'm talking a SPEEDING TICKET!

I have never had a speeding ticket, better yet, I have never even been pulled over. On our way to Pensacola yesterday we had 30 miles left. Josiah was upset because we had been in the car for 5 hours and his tooth was hurting him. Josh was in the back with him and I was trying to tell Josh how to console Josiah. Well, the speed limit was 65 so I was going 70 and I did not pay attention to the fact that the speed limit was already decreasing (it goes from 65 to 55 to 45 real quick in that area) I looked up and I saw the cop and just knew I was going to be pulled over..sure enough he turned on his lights and pulled me over.

I just knew he wasn't going to give me a ticket so I was calm, he asked me for my ID and then came back with a nice big fat ticket. Hello?!?! Did he not care that I had never got a ticket before? Apparently that doesn't matter! He could have hooked me up with 60 in a 45 and not 70 in a did that make me mad! I'm not even sure how much the ticket is going to be, but I'm sure its going to be very expensive.

Even though that ruined my night I am looking forward to our weekend here with family and friends!

I think tomorrow Joshy and I are headed out for a date! I can't wait to spend some time with him!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (Sorry no pictures I don't have my camera plug)

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