Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He is amazes me

He is amazes me.
Last night I actually had time to sit down and right in my journal. I used to do this a lot, but I haven't had much quiet time lately. In this journal I write my prayers (I still have been praying just not writing them down). Anyway, I was done writing in my journal and decided I would open my journal to a random page and see what I had wrote that day....

The date on the journal entry was November 12, 2008. I won't go into everything I wrote about that day, but I will point out one particular thing....I wrote..Lord, please let me know we have made the right decision to go with Bethany Christian Services for this adoption. I know that this is going to be a wonderful experience, but I also know that there will be some tough times. Please be with us as we go through this process. I know You have our perfect child already picked out for us and we cannot wait to meet him/her.

I know God is great, but looking back and seeing how He answered our prayers just amazes me. It amazes me that 8 months later, we had our perfect child that God had picked out for us. God led us to Bethany Christian Services for a reason and we chose to go through that company for a reason!

After I read this prayer that I wrote a little over a year ago, I got real excited about our future. We don't know what is going to happen in our lives, but God does and I trust Him. I trust that He has great plans for us.

He is amazes me.

Our perfect child!

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