Sunday, March 25, 2012


Man have we had an awesome weekend!  Most of it was spent outside and this sweet little boy loved every minute of it! 

Saturday the boys went to swim lessons while I ran to Hobby Lobby and Belk.  I went to Belk to look for Josh some work clothes but ended up buying myself some dresses. 

When I got home from shopping the boys were outside working on the yard!  Josiah and I played in the hose while Josh mowed the lawn.  Josh did such a good job on the yard.  I love when everything is green and blooming!!

For dinner we went over to Josh's parent's.  Our nieces were there so Josiah had a really good time!!  You can't tell in this picture but they were taking a ride on the riding lawn mower or as Josiah calls it...the tractor.  We were bums last night and we both did homework.  We are getting old when we are home by 8:00 and doing schoolwork....We are both so ready for school to be over with!  Josh is so close to finishing his Masters! 

This morning we loaded up and headed to the beach.  First beach trip of the season and it was perfect!  Josiah was so excited he was meeting his buddy, Carter, out at the beach!  He was holding money for the toll here singing!

Isn't he the coolest kid?!  Sporting his sunglasses on his head!

Look how gorgeous the water is!  It was soooo cold though! 

The cold water didn't stop my little fish! 

After the beach we headed to the heated pool with Carter, Jaime and Brad.  We had such a good family fun day!!! 

This is what Josiah did on the way home and is still doing as I type this!!! 

Once little man wakes up we are headed back outside to plant some tomatoes and cucumbers in our garden!  Hopefully I will get some good crop this year! ;)

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