Friday, March 2, 2012

Facebook/chocolate MIA update

So I have been without chocolate for 9 days and you would think it has been 50! I am craving it so bad! (like if I wasn't doing this for God/Jesus I would have given up 9 days ago!!!). It's pretty sad that I am only sacrificing one itty bitty thing and I feel like I'm dying...ok I'm exaggerating a little but...God sacrificed his only son for me so how can I be selfish about wanting chocolate?! When I think about it like that I don't want it that bad!!! :) God rocks!!

I get to sign in to Facebook on the weekends. I have to say I haven't missed it like I thought I would! I don't miss people complaining about their lives, but I do miss seeing pictures of my friends/family I don't get to see much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Josh is in a wedding on Saturday. We have the rehearsal and dinner tonight! Some of our out of town friends will be here so we are excited!!

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