Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  • Josiah is sleeping in a big boy bed!!!  Well sort of...he has his new twin mattress on the floor and his bed is in a box in the living room that got delivered yesterday.  Hoping to get that put together this weekend!  He has slept in his big boy bed for two nights now and has done awesome!  First night went really well.  He played a little and then finally went to sleep.  Last night he did the same but didn't fall asleep on the bed..but on the floor!  He then woke up crying for some reason at 2:45 but went right to bed!  He is such a trooper!!
  • Josh and I cleaned our house from top to bottom on Saturday night.  We rearranged rooms and now have a baby room set up for a new addition in the future, a play room for Josiah, a big boy room for Josiah and moved around furniture in the living room.  We did this not only because it needed to be done but also because our homestudy for the adoption is soon.  It was rescheduled for Monday!  We will be doing some more cleaning this weekend!!
  • Josiah is really liking "cool" (School/Mother's day out)  He still cries when I drop him off but the teachers say he is fine once I leave!  I love seeing all the fun things he makes while he is there!
  • Josiah is talking so good now.  Repeating everything we say!!  He wears his ear muffs a lot...jk!  The other day my brother said something about screaming like a little girl and Josiah said "Bobby scream little girl!" it was hilarious!  He always says funny things.  I asked him the other day what he wanted to eat and he said "bugs"...boys will be boys! :)
  • He loves frogs.  We have to go outside every night so he can make the hop!  He even touches them...GROSS!
  • My semester is almost over and I can't wait!  I have been studying the last two days non-stop for my final tomorrow and then I have another one on Friday that I have not even started studying for!  Oops!  Late nights here I come!  Nights like these I wish I drank coffee..or coke...or something with a lot of caffeine in it!
  • Josiah has decided that he likes to run.  Well, since I have my lung issue..I cannot run after him and we have been trying to teach him that because I don't want to be somewhere and I can't run after him.  Well funny little story..well kinda...Josh, Josiah and I went to Sam's the other day and he took off.  Luckily Josh was with me, but he literally ran across the store, ended up at the jewelry counter where he climbed underneath it and would not come out.  Hopefully after our little talk that will be the last of it!  If not I will be the mom with the leash for my child.  haha just kidding!
  • I am planning a baby shower for Rach along with Jaime, Amber and Ashley!  It is going to be so cute!  I cannot wait for Rach to see all the cute things for her lil' baby girl!!!!!
  • My other friend Amber found out the other week that she is having a boy!!  So many babies and wedding happening soon!  Our group of friends have some type of shower/party/get together every weekend almost until January!
Ok..I think I'm not rambling!  Josiah is sleeping next to me and I am hoping he wakes up soon so we can go play!  Happy Tuesday everyone!


Cassie said...

He's already old enough for a big boy bed?!!!
Where has the time gone!?!

Nicole said...

i know!!! it makes me a little sad!! time flies, but it sure is a fun ride! :)