Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This weekend I turned the big 2-7!!! 
I have really been wanting to go to Georgia for a mini vacation.  It is so pretty there this time of the year, I really miss the fall and the pretty colors!!  So my sweet, adorable husband is the best and decided that we should pack up and head that way on Thursday night!  I am so glad we went!  We had an awesome time!  Minus the whole getting pulled over in Alabama and NOT having my driver's license.  I think Alabama police officer are after me.  If you remember a little over a year ago one gave me my first ticket ever!  This cop let me go and didn't give me any ticket thank goodness!  If you see my driving down the road I will be driving like a granny from now on. 

We started out Friday going to Josh's old work to see everyone!  It was so good to see them!!!  We left Tyson and headed to Atlanta to the aquarium!  Josiah loved it!!!

 This was his favorite part!  You could stick your hand in the water and touch stingrays and little sharks!!  He would have jumped in and swam with them if we would had let him. 
                                                          Here he is touching a starfish!

 We had to go back to the stingrays so he could touch them again!!
Friday night we went out to dinner with some friends to a Mexican restaurant.  It was delish!  Saturday we headed to Burt's Pumpkin patch!  They had so many BIG pumpkins!  This little boy was excited!!!

 This is our pumpkin!  It's almost as big as Josiah! :)

Saturday night we went over to some friends house and Josiah played with a little girl Hollie!  I didn't take any pictures!  It is always fun to see him play with other kids!  Even if he doesn't like to share! We are working on that though!  We had such a great visit with some of our friends from up there!  I really do miss that place!  Can't wait to go back!!!!


Cassie said...

That pumpkin is huge! Adorable pictures :)

Nicole said...

I know it is!! :) Thank you!!