Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night we met Josh's friend from work, Laura and her son Garrett at Chick-fil-a! We eat there every once in awhile but we have never let Josiah play on the playground. I was always afraid that Josiah would get stuck up there and I would have to go get him. I also thought that he wouldn't do well without me being right by his side...SHOOT...that boy didn't hesitate and had so much fun!!! We will definitely be going back! He is still sleeping so I told Josh if he sleeps in today we are goingto Chick-fil-a every night! HAHA! Here are a few pictures...they aren't the best quality because they are from my phone!

I have to add that Josiah LOVES girls and usually older ones! Well last night a girl (she was probably 6 or 7)came down the slide and then Josiah came down after her and the girl said "he was addicted to me up there!" Haha! Come on Josiah give me a few years before I have to chase off the girls!!! He is so funny!!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

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