Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of house

Josiah is a good eater but he is becoming picky! Does that make since? He likes certain things right now but he won't try anything new. So I feel like he eats the same thing everyday!

Today he is eating me out of house... for breakfast he ate a whole bowl of oatmeal (I am full if I eat that) then he ate some strawberries and drank some milk.

He has a snack around 9:30 which consisted of one of those cups of pineapples some honey nut cheerios and I split a banana with him.

Lunch was at 11:00 and he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some grape tomatoes, a few grapes, a strawberry, a small handful of teddy grams and wanted more but I cut him off so he could take a nap. Almost forgot milk too.

He will want another snack when he wakes up and then dinner around 5:30. I wish I could eat all day long!! :)

I am working on posting about Josiah's 18 month appointment!
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Heather said...

Lyla is the same way!!! I feel like the only thing she eats are hotdogs! But my thinking is, at least she's eating. He's such a cutie!!! He and Lyla seem very similar in their daily activities. Even the way he's laying on the couch! :-) Toddlers are so much fun! I honestly want this age to last forever!

Nicole said...

Josiah only likes to eat chicken nuggets and ketchup!!! He eats the same things all the time! I'm with you least they are eating!!!