Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not so fun weekend

Guess what?! I got my new labtop!!! I have no excuse not to update more often! Haha! We will see about that!

Thursday I went with Jaime to her doctor's appointment! I was so excited to see baby Carter on the ultrasound! I saw him before but it had been awhile. We went to her appointment and the doc said her amniotic fluid was a little too low so she needed to be admitted for the night. They pumped her up with some steroids and some fluids and she was on her way the next day! I am so glad she got to go home! I can't wait to meet him, but I want him to bake a little longer! :)

Friday was a busy day. I got ready and Josiah and I went up to the hospital to take Jaime some magazines. We stayed up there for a little while and then went and met Ms. Debbie, Wendi and Ashley for lunch at Applebees! Friday night I met up with Linsday and we went to the mall. I was going to try to find some little hats for Carter that Jaime wanted but they didn't have any. We ran over to Sonny's and picked up some food for Jaime and Brad. Took that up to the hospital and then went back to Sonny's to eat! Lindsay and I had a great time catching up! I headed home around 8:00 and relaxed on the couch with my love!

It seems like every time I turn around someone is sick. Josh was sick last week. Josh said while I was gone Josiah was fussy and running a little fever so he gave him some Tylenol before bed. Josiah cried out around 4:00 but went straight back to sleep. Well....I couldn't go back to sleep and something told me to go check on Josiah. I went into his room and felt his was on fire! I ran and got the thermometer and checked him and it said 104.7 (this lil man can run a fever). I went and woke Josh up and told him that we had to get Josiah up and in the bath. We woke Josiah up and you could tell he didn't feel good. His little cheeks were so red and he was out of it. He was pitiful. It really broke my heart to see him like that. We finally got his fever to go down, but it was a rough night. There is not too many things that are worse than your child being sick.

Saturday was a day full of fussiness and fevers. Josiah wouldn't eat anything and barely would drink. I decided to make some tea (Josiah's favorite drink, but I don't let him have it very often!) I should have thought of that before because he drank it up!

Today he is finally feeling a little bit better and his temp has been around 100 so it is a lot better! He is playing and running around! Thank goodness! Hopefully he will continue to feel better!

Thursday we take Josiah for his 18 month check up!!!!

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