Sunday, January 16, 2011


Josh and I are ready to start the adoption process again as I have talked about before. We really wanted to go with Bethany again because we had such a great experience with them, but for some reason the Bethany here in Pensacola is $6,000 MORE than last time! I just can't get over that. We barely have enough money to do it again and we definitely don't have $6,000 more. So we have been praying about it a lot lately. I called another big company and received some information about them on Friday. We aren't sure what we are going to do yet. We are just praying that God leads us to the right place. I really can't wait to see what He has in store for us! Josh and I are going to talk to this company and get a little bit more information. If we hear what we like we might start the process soon!!!!! :)


Carrie Louise said...

That is so amazing! I pray God will lead you two in His direction. What a wonderful thing you're doing & what blessed children to have you guys as their parents!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much! We are the blessed ones! :)