Friday, April 2, 2010


Josiah has been learning a ton of new things lately.....
  • His first word is "gog" for dog. Like I have said in previous posts he LOVES our two dogs. He has been saying this for a couple of weeks, but I wasn't sure if that was what he was saying. But the last few days every time Mali or Haleigh runs by he says "gog". So cute!

  • He has found a new love for the stairs. We have never had a gate because he just never bothered them until last week. He went over to them so I was curious what he would do. He crawled up them like he had done it a million times before. I only let him go up a few thinking he wouldn't get very far anyway. Well, the next day he went back over to them. I thought I would let him go up them and see how far he would go. He crawled up all 17 stairs he was so proud of himself!
  • Another new thing is giving five. Josiah's Pop-Up (my dad) taught him how to give five. He is doing this constantly.

  • Yesterday he started squealing! He thinks it is so funny! I think he does it just to hear himself do it! I think he learned this from the neighbor's little boy. We were over their the other day and Kyle was doing it, but when Kyle did it Josiah would cry! Haha!

  • We also went to the neighborhood park yesterday for the first time. I took a few pictures, but I will have to post them tomorrow because my camera is in Josiah's room and he is napping.

I guess I need to get packing. This weekend is the big MOVE! We are loading up Sunday and leaving Monday to head to Pensacola!!

I hope everyone has a great Easter!!!!!!!!

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