Monday, April 19, 2010

9 Months Old

We had a very busy weekend so I thought I would try to blog everything separately.

Thursday we took Josiah to his new doctor for his 9 month check up. He did great and we love the new doctor.

The doctor said he was very healthy! :)

He was 30' tall (95th%)and weighed 21 pounds (65th%).

I gave up trying to put the sign in his bed because he was eating and ripping it up.

A few things Josiah loves......

  • He loves to eat...I think this is when he is the happiest! Haha.. must take after me!
  • He loves to be outside, he would stay out there all day long
  • He loves the dogs
  • He loves to play with electrical cord (no we do not let him do this!)
  • He loves to try to get into the dogs' water bowl

A few things Josiah dislikes....

  • He dislikes getting his diaper changed
  • He dislikes getting in his car seat
  • He is starting to dislike getting into is highchair

He is so much fun right now. He hasn't been the type of baby that likes to be loved on, but he is starting to give kisses and hugs! It is so cute!! He giggles all the time. Josiah started this new thing where he fake coughs, it is hilarious. He is so adorable and so much fun at this age!

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BETHandCHRIS said...

Josiah has the "fake cough" too? What is it with these boys? :) He's getting so big... and that curly hair is TOO much!