Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy 38th Anniversary!!

I'm a day late but I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad!! 38 years is wayyyy long and I'm so inspired by them. I hope and pray that Josh and I will one day celebrate our 38th anniversary.

So many people today just give up and run away from their problems. You don't say "I do" in front of God and your family just to get in a fight and leave. You are supposed to fight for your marriage!!! Love and marriage can be hard but it is all worth it!! Mom and Dad, happy anniversary!!! Thanks for showing me the true many of a marriage!!!

Josh, I love you babe!!! We only have 32 more years and we will be caught up with them!!!! Thanks for being my person and sharing this awesome life with me!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet daughter. 38 years with your mom has been a long beautiful adventure for us. Some times the road has been bumpy but you keep going and enjoy the beautiful ride. Try and make every sweet minute count. Josh and you have something special. You both have proven a long beautiful marriage is in GOD's plan for you. We Love you,Josh and our sweet Grand children. Dadio.