Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mickey Mouse Party

Saturday we had Josiah's Mickey Mouse party! We were supposed to have a pool party but the weather didn't hold out but we still had a blast! I forgot to take pictures of the decorations so here are some I took while I was making them.

This is the front of his invitationsHow cute is Minnie Mouse!

Mom found this cute cookie cutter so we made Mickey Mouse cookies

Funny story about this cake. I called a week ahead of time to order the cake from Publix. Josh went to go pick it up at 10:00 Saturday morning and guess what?!?! They didn't have it!!! They said that they could make on in 30 minutes. Josh went to go pick it up and they gave it to him for FREE!!!!!!! I love you Publix!

I also made oreo pops! They were a big hit!

The rain let up a bit and the kids got to play on the slide and in the pool

Sweet Presley giving us "the look"

Cute lil' Ava

Cooper, Garrett, and Presley

Please forgive me for the pictures being all over! I have been trying to get this post together for a few days and I just don't have the patience to fix it!

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