Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a very busy weekend! I will blog about that later. Sunday we had an awesome day! It started off with breakfast at Golden Corral, swimming in the pool with Josh's family then dinner at my parents' house! We had a very good day!

Here are my two favorite Dad's

I am so lucky to have these two men in my life! God definitely blessed me and I couldn't be more thankful! My dad has taught me so much and he has put up with me through a lot! I am so glad we are so close these days!!!!

Josh is such an amazing dad! I love how Josh will let Josiah help him vacuum or help him hang pictures in the hallway just so Josiah can use the mammer (hammer)! I love seeing Josh and Josiah play and laugh together! It melts my heart!

Thank you guys for being absolutely amazing! I love you both with all my heart and thanks for helping me be who I am today!!!! You guys rock!

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