Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is no secret around here that I.Love.Chocolate. Well I bought some brownies to make for our new neighbors. They aren't moving in just yet, and I had a horrible day yesterday so I decided to make them for myself!!!! I haven't ever had these but I highly recommend them!!!! They just melt in your mouth!

I have another confession to make. Do you ever buy something or bake something and then try to hide them from yourself? For instance, I made these brownies last night. I hid them in the microwave, thinking that would keep me from eating them. Did I think I would forget they were in there??? I don't think so. I hope someone else gets over here to eat them or they are going to be gone!

P.S. I bought some more today so I could bake them for the neighbors when they actually do move in! Hopefully I won't have another bad day or they might just get a nice little "Welcome" card!! :)

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Beth said...

I'm sorry you had such a crappy day! But brownies are my fav! :) LOL :) I'll help you eat them! ;)