Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Weekend in February

Friday Josiah and I had a play date! Jaime, Carter, Amber, Cooper, Presley, Wendi, Crystal and Rach came by! I got some pictures on my phone, but they didn't turn out the greatest so I'm not going to post them! We had such a good time! It was nice to see everyone!

Friday night Josh, Josiah and I went to Sonny's for dinner and then Josh and I watched "Due Date" at the house.
Saturday we got up and went to Home Depot to by stuff for our garden. We bought tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers. I have never grown anything so we will see how it turns out! It will be nice to have some fruits and vegetables, but I mostly did it because I thought Josiah would love to see them grow.
Saturday night Josh and I had planned to go on a date. We dropped Josiah off at my mom and dad's house. We were going to go over to Malbis and eat at California dreaming but decided at the last minute to go to Toro Bravos (a Mexican restaurant in town that we haven't tried before.) Don't laugh, but after we ate we went to Walmart to buy groceries. I know that doesn't sound like a good date but it was nice to go in the grocery store by ourselves and take our time buying groceries. Josiah is always on our mind so we bought him this new basketball goal. I think Josh loves it more than he does! haha!

Sunday Josh and I got up and we cleaned the house and then headed to Church. This is our 2nd time going to Potential Church and I like it a lot. After Church we went and picked up Josiah and put him down for a nap. While he was napping Josh and I started on our garden!! I know it isn't much but it was fun planting it!

This afternoon I decided at the last minute to have some friends over for dinner. Josh and I cooked stir fried rice for Rach, Bryan, Lindsay and Chris!
Hope everyone has a great week!

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