Monday, February 14, 2011


I woke up to Josiah bringing me a Valentine's day card! He is so sweet! Me and my lil' valentine played outside all day long! Look how gorgeous it was outside! Josh and I don't really do much for Valentine's Day ....just never have! I don't really care for flowers because they make me sneeze and I LOVE chocolate but don't need any!! He washed my car inside and out this weekend and he got me a sweet card this morning! We are staying in tonight and cooking breakfast for dinner! We are going to venture out tomorrow or Thursday for our Valentine's dinner so we aren't with the 56487 other people celebrating!

I hope everyone has a great night! :)


Beth said...

Happy Valentine's to all of you!! :) It looks like you had a great day!! Adam and I will probably go out later this week as well. Waiting to eat is not my idea of a great night! haha And flowers usually make me sneeze too!

Nicole said...

Yes! I think V-day is a little Josh says he doesn't need one day to celebrate us! I hope you enjoy your dinner later this week!!!