Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Radomness

1. I went to the doctor on Tuesday in Atlanta because I haven't been feeling good and he told me that everything looked fine on my heart echo and that I have been doing WAYYY to I promised myself and my family that I would take it easy this I am sitting here on the couch watching Ellen! - She is hilarious!

2. We finally got our Christmas tree decorations up! We have been doing a little bit every night. I love when Josiah wakes up and he sees something new - his face is priceless! He really enjoys seeing the Christmas lights on the houses in the neighborhood..maybe we will get ours up before Christmas is over! HA!

3. I know this is going to sound crazy and it may be a little TMI but Josiah is pooping on the potty! We are not pressuring him to do this because I think it is a little too early, but he insists. He points to his diaper and I ask him if he has to poop and he runs to the bathroom! It may just be right now and nothing may come from it, but I am a little happy! He also points when he is peeing, but we haven't made it to the potty yet before he goes in his diaper. We will see what happens.

4. I am looking forward to all the baking in the next few weeks! I love making Christmas candy and I love family traditions! We always go to my mom's house and make sugar cookies and decorate them, they turn out awful looking, but it is so much fun! I also go to my friend Rach's mom's house every year and they bake tons of goodies!

5. I have tons of Christmas shopping left...I know this is bad, but what can I say? I am a procrastinator. I hate being stressed out, but I never shop early. This weekend I plan to finish up.....I think..

6. I have half of my Christmas cards done, the other half are waiting on me to go to the post office and get stamps, but like I said before I am resting so this will have to wait till tomorrow (nothing like waiting till the last minute)! They are so cute and I will post a picture of them once I get them out.

7. Did I mention Ellen is hilarious?! I seriously laugh out loud while watching this show. If you need a good laugh, you should watch it!

8. Josh is finally done with his class as of tomorrow! He has been working too much and then coming home and studying all night long. He has his final in the morning so I am praying that it goes well and that he passes! We are definitely going to celebrate this weekend!!! He is amazing!

9. Josiah is so much fun right now! He has such an awesome personality, but we are struggling with temper tantrums still. His new thing is that he likes to hit and as he pulls away he digs his fingernails in your arm/face/whatever he finds. This makes me so angry, but I have learned to blow it off and tell him not to hit and he seems to be doing a little bit better. I hope this doesn't get any worse, but I'm sure it will. Does anyone have any good tips?

10. I have been awful about cooking dinners lately. Josh has been getting home around 7 and by the time he hangs out with Josiah and we put him down it's 8:00. Who wants to cook that late, better yet who wants to eat that late? We have had a lot of pb&js and turkey sandwiches around here. Well, I went to walmart on Sunday and picked up some food for meals. I haven't cooked yet, but I plan on it! I took out chicken so we could have baked chicken and baked potatoes for dinner! Maybe this will be a new trend around here.

11. I thought I had more to talk about, but I think I am done. I'm going to finish watching tv and eat some lunch! Hope everyone has a fantastic is Thursday right?!


Beth said...

I'm glad you're resting!! :) You are superwoman all the time, so you definitely need a break!! :) And I think you can order stamps and have the mail lady bring them to you! Check on Might save you a trip to the stupid post office! :) PS - Did I really read that Josiah is getting his 13th tooth already? He is getting to be so grown up!!!

Cassie said...

I'm glad your appointment went well! I am also WAY looking forward to some holiday baking! I haven't ever really done Christmas baking, hoping to change that this year :)
You aren't alone on the late Christmas shopping, I started mine just this week using Amazon (love online shopping!) And I agree, Ellen is hilarious!