Monday, July 12, 2010

Random thoughts....probably a little boring!

(Josiah at 6 weeks)
1. We will have a ONE year old in 3 days! Wow!

2. I am so excited about Josiah's birthday party in 5 days, but I feel like there is a million things left to do! Where do I even begin?? Everything I have left can't be done until the day before the party or they day of!

3. We gave Josiah's birthday present to him early (because we can!!) and he loves it. We got him a little slide that is for outside but we have it inside for right now.

4. Josiah is getting his 5th tooth in and I think this one has bothered him the most. Thank goodness for teething tablets.

5. Josiah has started to throw some major temper tantrums. He especially throws them when we are outside and I decide we need to go in for a little bit. It is hard to not laugh at him because it is rather funny most of the time.

6. Josh and I got a pay raise because Josiah went from formula (Allumentum which cost $26 for 3-4 days) to cows milk! We were worried that Josiah wouldn't tolerate the cows milk since we had such a big problem with formula but he is doing awesome on it!! Not only did he go to cows milk but he is eating more "real" food than baby food so that is costing a little less too!

7. I'm thinking that I should be doing something more productive during Josiah's nap time other than playing on the computer....I guess I can do something during nap #2.

8. Josh and I are trying to eat better! We both want to get back to our weight from high school, but it is very hard to do while living with 3 other adults.(You have to have major self control) ......

9. .......but I have an addiction to ANYTHING sweet! I mean ANYTHING! So we will see how good we do! I am proud of Josh though he has done really good this past week!

10. I hope everyone has a great week!

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