Monday, April 4, 2011

Time Flies!

It feels like we never slow down! I love it, but sometimes I wish I could pause life and sleep a little! :) I guess time flies when you are having fun!Josiah LOVES to play with his stuffed animals. He likes to get all of them and roll around with them. He is so funny!!!

Friday night I had to go to a viewing for my great uncle in Bay Minette. My prayers go out to his family and friends. He was a loved man! I had a great time seeing my family that I don't ever get to see! It sad that we don't live but 45 minutes away and the only time we see them is wedding and funerals.

Saturday we got up and packed up to go to the beach! We met Rach, Bryan, Amber, Jerry, Cooper, Ryan, Ashley and Presley over in Perdido! It was so much fun! The boys fished while the girls and the kiddies played on the beach! We had a little picnic and it was some good family fun! We are definitely doing that again soon! Josh caught a baby SHARK! Ugh...that scares me a little because where there is a baby ....there is a momma! Oh...and Josh and I got fried!!!!! I guess next time I will have to put sunscreen on us like I did Josiah!

Sunday we headed to biggie right?! WRONG! We were taking Josiah with us for the first time!!!! I was a little nervous but I was hoping for the best! How bad could it be to drop him off with other kids to play while we went to Church? Well....apparently the world had ended...Josiah was crying so much when I went back to check on him so we ended up leaving....maybe next time? Any suggestions of how to get him to stay in there? I think a lot of it had to do that there wasn't many kids his age...they were mostly younger. We might have to find another Church with more kids. I'm a little sad because I want him to be ok without me or someone that he knows really well...

Since we didn't get to go to Church we went grocery shopping and then picked up some Little Ceasers pizza! I haven't had that pizza in forever because the only one these days is clear across town! It was as good as I remembered! We hung around the house for a little bit and then mom, dad and Robert came over!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!

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