Friday, April 15, 2011

Last Weekend

So here it is the weekend again and I haven't posted about last weekend! I have been studying my butt off (not really because we all know how huge that is!)...mid-terms are this week! I just got done taking one (which I made a 96) and thought I would blog real fast! Last Friday we went out to eat to Torro Bravos for Jaime's birthday!!!! There was about 20 of us there and we had a really good time! I love getting together with everyone!

Saturday Josh, Josiah and I got up and went over to Mobile to go to the Eploreum Museum. It wasn't what I expected but Josiah had a blast!!!!

Saturday night we went and ate at Josh's parents and then just came back and relaxed at the house.

Sunday I studied ALL day long and then we ate at my parents' house.

This weekend is busy! We have a birthday dinner tonight, then a wedding tomorrow, Josh's mom's birthday breakfast on Sunday and then I leave for Atlanta for a doctor's appointment! Hope everyone has a fun weekend! I know we will!!!! :)

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