Friday, April 22, 2011

Heather and Justin's Wedding!

Heather and Justin got married last weekend! The wedding was so much fun!!!!!

Brandon, Caleb, and Joshy

Bryan and Rach

Me and my funny husband

Crystal and her date Brian

Heather, Crys, Lauren, Me, and Jordan

Amber and Jerry

Josh and I again

Lindsay and I

Lindsay, me and Rach

Me, Lauren, Jaime and Rach

Jordan, me, Lauren, Jaime, Amber, Rach and Ashley

We had a great time seeing Heather and Justin get married! Afterwards we went down to Seville for a little while, but came home at 11:30! We are getting OLD! HA!

I hope everyone has a great Easter! We have an Easter party tomorrow and then family pictures! Sunday we are having all the family over!

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