Monday, May 17, 2010

Friday night

Friday we had to be at St. Mark's at 5:00 for the wedding rehearsal. They had 20 people in the bridal party so it was fun trying to get all 20 of us to do what we were suppose to be doing. Then we went to Jackson's for dinner. I haven't ever been there because it is way outta my price range! It sure was delish though! We had such a great time!
Me and the Bride Me and Rach
Me and Wendi

Me and Lindsay

My love met me at Jackson's

Rach, me, Lindsay and Wendi

My heart

Me and Jaime

Oh My Goodness.....this dessert was the bomb diggidy! It was some kind of key lime something or another..I couldn't pronounce it....but it was sooooo good!

After we left Jackson's all of the girls headed out to the beach to put chair covers on all the chairs for the wedding. Amber had a suite for us so we all stayed the night and got up Saturday morning to get ready together.
I will post the pictures from the wedding either later today or tomorrow!

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