Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The last week and a half has been an absolute roller coaster ride for us! These are a few things that have taken place:

Monday June 8th - Went to Tyson's placement party! Congrats David and Stephanie! Your family is beautiful!

Tuesday June 9th - Vicky (or adoption specialist) emailed us saying that there was a potential birthmom and asked if we were interested in her! Of course we said Heck YES!!!!!! We were extremely excited!!! Received very little information about the situation.

Thursday June 11th - Received another email from Vicky saying that the birthmom wanted to meet us sometime following week and she gave us a little bit more information about the birthmom/birthfather.

The weekend went by and we heard nothing! Monday and Tuesday, has come and gone and we still do not know when we will be meeting the birthmom. This has been a very hard time for us, we know it will happen it is just hard not hearing anything back. Maybe today is the day??? I am suppose to be going out of town on Thursday, but it looks like I might be placing that on hold just in case the birthmom wants to meet with us Friday!

I also want to say that our prayers are with Jeremy and Kelly, they received an email saying that they had a birthmom that wanted to meet with them next month! God is Awesome!

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