Friday, June 5, 2009

God's Plan is the Best Plan!

Today I was sitting here trying to find blogs about people that had adopted when I came across this blog where a couple was on their second adoption. I love reading about people’s stories because I often wonder about how our adoption story will play out. I can’t even imagine what emotions we will be going through. I wonder where we will be when we get “the call”. I wonder if we will meet the birthparents or not meet them. I wonder where our baby will be born…I could go on and on. Anyway, as I was reading her blog when I came across something she said that really helped me. She said, “I needed to be a bit uncomfortable so I would fully rely on him. God’s plan might not seem right at the time, but his plan is always PERFECT.” It hit me…God is making me uncomfortable because He wants me to lean on Him to help me get through this time. I know I cannot make it through this journey, through this life without Him. So for now, I am going to try (I might not be saying this in a few months, ha) to quit being so anxious, so antsy, and just let God’s plan for us happen! God is in control so I need to stop trying to be in control! I can plan and plan, but it is most likely not going to go my way it is going to go His way - the best way! So I am going to prepare for this baby as much as possible and sit back and watch God do his thing! I love Him!

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