Thursday, May 23, 2013

ER Visit

Wow!  When you think you have seen, heard, smelt, felt, and loved all you can as a mother something happens and you realized you haven't done it all.  Thank God!!!! Today I realized that a job of a mother is probably the hardest thing I have ever done.  There is parts of being a mom that I love...and then there are parts that I dislike.  I haven't found many parts that I dislike but there are a few out there.  You know..when your child is sick it's heart wrenching.  It's awful to see them feel bad.  I thought watching them have a fever or seeing them throw up was bad.  But seeing what I saw today was the worst site I have seen.  I could go the rest of my life without seeing that or feeling that way ever again.  

After Josiah and Adalyn woke up from their nap we went out to play, the same as we do everyday.  Josiah wanted to "ride" his skateboard.  He rode it down or driveway and halfway down our street and he fell.  I thought to we are going to the ER today.  I talked him into riding his bike to see the thorn bush down the street.  He is obsessed with them.  Once we checked out every thorn bush in the neighborhood we decided to make our way to the park.  

We went over to the swings and I pushe him and Adalyn high up to the ky (sky) as Josiah would say!  Josiah was done so I put Adalyn back in the stroller and Josiah ran off to the half circle thingy that you can climb up to the top...not sure what it is called he climbed up almost all the way..held on and dropped down while hanging!  I said, "be careful baby!"  He said, "mommy go over there..I can do this by myself." So I pushed the stroller maybe 2 ft and while my back was turned it jumped off.  Hit his belly Nd then his head.  He got up screaming louder than I had ever heard him.  I ran over to him and before I knew it he was quiet and falling over.  He had passed out.  Nothing could ever prepare me for what just happened.  I couldn't believe this was happening.  I tried to wake him, he was limp. I screamed as loud as I could...somebody help.  My phone was on the stroller which seemed so far away.  I checked his breathing once, checked it again and finally felt his breath on my cheek.  I thought..oh my gosh he is I looked around and screamed for help again.  Finally a man that was driving by stopped and ran over.  Josiah finally was conscious and the man called 911.  Then the neighbors started coming out.  All I could do is hold on to my baby.  Worried sick.  I had the neighbors call Josh.  The next thing I knew my mom, aunt, Josh, and the ambulance were here.  The EMTs checked him out and said he looked ok but they thought he still needed to go to the hospital.  We decided it would be less traumatic for Josiah if we just took him ourselves.  Three hours later we found out that he was ok.  The doctor just told us to check on him every few hours. Ha!  I don't think we will take our eyes off of him to tonight!  I am definitely thanking God that he is ok it could have been really bad.  My little guy has been having way too many accidents lately and is driving his momma crazy!  I think Josiah gave me my first grey hair tonight!  Love that sweet boy more than he will ever know.  Too bad he can't EVER go to the park again!!! :) just kidding he can go when he is 13!  Boys will be boys.  I'm just going to snuggle a little longer and pray a little harder to protect my little daredevil!!  

Now that I releived some stress by writing..this tired and worried momma is going to try and get some sleep!!  Hug your babies a little extra!!

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Chrissi Jenkins said...

Oh my gosh, Nicole! I can't imagine how scary that was for you. Thank God he is OK!