Friday, November 16, 2012

Ears part II

My last post was about ears (Adalyn got her ears pierced!)  This time, it wasn't such a cute thing that happened.  They both ended with the same result though...crying..

Last night we put Josiah down around 7:30.  He went to bed fine. 

Around 9:30 Josh and I were about to turn on the computer to watch some t.v. (we don't have cable anymore because all of the shows we watch can be watched on the internet) and I hear some whining.  At first I thought it was Adalyn but then we heard it again and quickly realized it was Josiah.  We ran into his room where he proceeded to scream bloody murder.  I automatically go into panic mode.  We try to calm him down but he won't even speak to us. :(  My mind is running wild thinking the worst things.  Finally between Josh and myself we got him to calm down enough for him to hear us.  We asked him what hurt and he pointed to his ear.  He was in so much pain we decided to give him some Tylenol and take him to the ER.  Mom came over to watch little bit while Josh and I took him.  We got in quickly and it didn't take long to find out that he had his first ear infection. 

The Tylenol must have kicked in pretty quickly because he was full of energy while we sat at CVS at midnight to fill his prescriptions.  He is such a trooper! 

First ER visit and first ear infection.  I know we will probably make many trips to the ER because he is all boy but I hope our next one is way in the future.

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