Saturday, May 5, 2012


Disney Part 1 of 2 (maybe if I can find enough time to post my pictures from my camera). 
Here are pictures from my iPhone.  I seem to use that more than my actual camera these days.

I would like to say our time was magical, but it wasn't all magical.  Don't get me wrong we had a blast but being in a hotel for 5 nights with an OCD child wasn't the most fun. 
We first stayed in a hotel in the Airport becuase Josh had a seminar to attend.  I liked it because we could go in the airport and walk around.  But it was hard on Josiah for some reason. 

The first day we were there wen to to Magic Kingdom and that was probably our best day!  Josiah had a lot of fun! 

The second and third day we were stuck in the hotel/airport.  We played in the pool a lot.  (Josiah is a fish these days!!)

The next best day was Saturday.  We headed to Animal Kingdom and had breakfast with some of the characters.  Josiah's face lit up when he saw Mickey Mouse!!  Sunday we went back to Magic Kingdom and stayed a few hours and decided we would go ahead and leave that day.  Josiah was ready to come home and so were we.  We got home late Sunday night.  Josh had Monday off so I suggested that we take Josiah to my Aunt and Uncle's and head out to the beach to paddle board.  Man that is fun!!  I can't wait to do it again!  I see a big purchase in our near future!! :)

Here are the pictures!  Can't wait to go back when Josiah and Adalyn are a little bit older!!

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